Grey’s Journal #8

Sailing the Roads

Journal #8

I traveled through Costa Rica and Panama. In Costa Rica we went to to the Monteverde cloud forest. We saw coatis as soon as we entered the park! There were lots of trees and bushes. We went on a hike to some waterfalls and on the way back saw a pit viper. After that we went to a black sand beach. Then we went to a place called the whale’s tail.  We camped at a place with a pool that was near a beach. The pool was nice when it was hot outside. I played marco polo with my mommy and I practiced handstands. We met a guy named Russ. He was really nice! He liked cigars and drove a motorcycle. The last place we camped at in Costa Rica was right on the beach. I made a trench to the sea and we saw lots of macaws in the trees above our van.  At night monkeys ran on top of our van. I liked Costa Rica mostly.

A Few days later we crossed into Panama, it was a quick border crossing. We drove to a mountain town called Boquete.  On the way up we saw lots of rainbows. On saturday we went to Los Lajas. It was todas locos! Because it was really loud we barely slept.  We stayed there for five days. I found a sea star by digging my hand in the sand. It was the size of my hand! The next day we built a drip castle on my legs, it was cool. Then we moved to the mountains near a lake. I got a picture with some cops. Then we moved back to the beach.  We stayed for a week at a place called Venao Cove. The beach was nice and sandy. I met a kid named Kai and his dad Leaf. They took me oyster hunting and played catch with me. Me and Kai went on a raft on waves, it was fun. We also saw carnaval in panama. I went to Panama City, we had to ship Piper to Colombia. One night we slept next to the Panama canal. It had millions of mosquitoes! They bit us alot!  We saw ships pass through the canal at night. Papa and GJ came to see us. Papa and me celebrated our birthdays together in panama. It was awesome! It was my 8th country on my 8th birthday! One day we went on a boat tour in the panama canal. We saw howler monkeys, titi monkeys, capuchin monkeys,sloths, turtles, tukans, crocodiles, capybara, and a baby spider monkey. Before we left Panama we saw the Panama canal locks. The locks were cool! My favorite part was seeing Papa and GJ. Then we got on a plane to South America. I’m excited to see South America!  




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