Grey’s Journal #9

Grey’s Journal #9

Sailing the Roads

We were in Colombia for almost two months and saw a lot of cool things. We arrived at Cartagena on February 26.Cartagena is in Colombia and Colombia is in South America. Colombia has yellow,blue, and red on its flag. The yellow means gold, the blue means ocean, the red means freedom. Cartagena has a wall surrounding the city with canons. I got a little copper canon it is cool. We left Cartagena and went to Santa Marta to pick up Piper. It took a long time to get Piper back. When we did we went to the beach. The beach we went to was called Tayrona. We only stayed there for two days. One day we saw hundreds of portuguese man of war washed up on the beach. They were small, blobby and were purple pink. They were cool! On our way to Bucaramanga there was a car crash. It was a long time time before we could drive again because the road was blocked. We got a military escort through a field. It was scary because people banged on the van because they wanted money. The next day was a long driving day. It was boring!  Then we went to Barichara. We went to a campsite that had a badminton court that I was good at and a dart board that I was not so good at. We went to the town and I bought a fossil that was very old. It is an ammonite, they are 65 million years old. Then we went to Villa De Leyva. I went to 4 dinosaur museums. There were a lot of bones at the museum. The town used to be under water and one museum built the museum around the fossil. All the fossils were found in the town. The museums were cool. After that we went into a old salt mine called Cathedral De Sal. We saw crosses made of rock they were really cool because most of them were carved in stone or had salt on them. We saw a angel made of salt. There were also chandeliers made of salt. On our way out I licked the salt wall it was really really salty. It was fun. I’m happy we took the tour. I liked it! After we left the salt cathedral we went to a place with a pool and a water slide. I went down it myself and with my mom. It was super fun. After that it was another long driving day to the coffee farm. Me and my dad hiked up a hill to see the view. It was a pretty view. I also learned how to play pool I played against my mom and dad. After that it was another very very long drive! We went into a city called Medellin. We saw statutes of fat people and there was a cool building that was checkered and looked like a church but it was not. We also got caught in a big Easter parade. It had soldiers. Then we went to our campsite it was in the mountains and it rained a lot. We saw a lot of our overlander friends there. I made a new friend he was named Indigo. We stayed there for 5 days and were there for Easter. Then we went to Salento. We camped at a really pretty campsite and my friend Indigo was there. It rained a lot. We went on a hike that involved several rickety bridges and I crossed all of them. It was a 5 hour hike! Then we were on the road again seeing places I’ve never seen before, on the road again. Next we arrived at a parking lot. The next day we went to a church that looked like a castle. Colombia was the first country we saw in South America and was pretty cool!

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