Grey’s Journal #10

Grey’s Journal #10

Sailing the Roads

South America : Informative writing

Have you ever been to the Amazon? I have! South America is made of 12 countries and includes the world’s driest desert, tallest waterfall, longest mountain range, and largest rainforest, which is the Amazon. The Atacama Desert is in chile. It is one of world’s best places to study stars because it’s the world’s driest desert. It doesn’t get alot of rain, it gets less than half an inch. The Atacama Desert is made of sand dunes, salt beds, lava flows, geysers, and hot springs. Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world’s tallest waterfall it is 3,212 feet tall. Angel Falls cascades over a tepui which is the oldest rock formation. The word tepui means house of the gods. The Andes in South America is the world’s longest mountain range, it is 4,500 miles long. The Andes mountain range is still growing. One of earth’s tectonic plates is sliding under the one next to it making the Andes mountain range grow taller and taller. The Amazon rainforest is in 9 out of 12 South American countries. It covers over 2 million square miles and gets about nine feet of rain every year. South America has some of the world’s driest,tallest,longest, and largest landmarks in the world.

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