Grey’s Journal #13

Grey’s Journal #13

Sailing The Roads

We traveled through Patagonia for 2 months. We have have seen a lot of animals, we have also been to tons of places. Some of my favorite places are Tierra Del Fuego, Perito Moreno Glacier, Chile Chico, and where I celebrated my 9th birthday. And we also made it to the end of the world no no not that end of the world I mean the farthest you can drive south. 

Some animals we’ve seen are condors, rhea, guanaco, penguins, a cougar, a giant jellyfish, and a lot of different birds. My favorite animal to see was the cougar.  We saw it in a national park called Torres Del Paine. We were walking and then we just spotted it by a river it was really neat. We also saw two types of penguins. One was the king penguin, the king penguins were big and brightly colored and they are the 2nd largest penguin in the world. We also saw magellanic penguins, one nibbled on the bottom of my shoe. They are smaller than the king penguins. Another animal I’ve seen a lot of is guanaco. We found a guanaco spine and a guanaco skull. 

I’ve also seen a lot of cool places. We’ve seen tons of lakes, rivers and icebergs! We’ve also seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kids house in Argentina. My favorite place is Tierra Del Fuego. Me and my dad went on a walk by the side of the lake, it was not a fun walk. We got rained on several times and it was also muddy and there was deep puddles. While we were there we camped at the edge of the lake called Laguna Margarita.

 We also reached Ushuaia  which is the farthest you can drive south unless you get on a boat going to Antarctica and unless you’re the one driving the boat it doesn’t count. After we visited Ushuaia we started heading north. Patagonia was amazing and I recommend travelers to go there!


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